• Haircut & Finish

    Haircut with scissors & clippers and finished off with styling.

  • Wash, Haircut & Style

    Cleansed, moisturised, cut and styled.

  • Long Hair

    For hair that is shoulder length or longer. Wash, cut and styled.

  • Clipper Cut

    Using electric clippers to cut your hair instead of using scissors.

  • Zero Fade

    Haircut down to the minimal length leaving a slight shadow.

  • Skin Fade

    Haircut blends to skin on back and sides.



  • Hot Towel Head Shave

    Using shaving products on your head followed by a hot towel cleanse and moisturiser leaving your head smoothed and refreshed.

  • Traditional Hot Face Shave

    Ultimate shaving experience using a single razor blade finished off with moisturiser.



  • Beard Trim

    Defining and shortening your beard with precision by using clippers, finished with a hot towel.

  • Bespoke Beard Trim

    For longer beards, using clippers or scissors and razor finish on the cheeks finished with hot towel and beard product.

  • Beard Trim & Line It Up

    Bringing out the straight razor for an even sharper line-up to compliment your beard trim.